Foundation of Bega Welfare Foundation

It was about one year ago when some young men of the small town Bega (Consisting of Four Small Villages & some new Mahalas Tibbi, Dulhari, Bega, Mehrojpur, New Abadi Masjid-e-Noor & Masjid-e-Gulzar-e-Madina) sit together and thought about the problems of their village mates having lake of money & chances for their spouses.
They thought and discussed these problems in detail very frankly.
Specially about those people who can’t feed their children, who can’t educate their sons & daughters, who can’t provide them medicines for proper treatment.
Their sittings continued for weeks & months.
Whenever they gathered they discussed the miseries of students, orphans, widows, sick, poor & needy of their localities but they were having nothing to help them except to pray for our coming of their miseries.
They also were worried about those people in the world who were ignored due to poverty.
All of them has passed in their childhood through such miserable conditions & moments so they knew the pain of poverty practically, they knew what a poor student has to face, they knew the cries of a patient without a medicine and medical facilities, their eyes have seen many deaths a women, children & men which were not taken to hospitals due to unavailability of transport and money.
So it was their utmost desire to do something for people facing such problems.
Their utmost desire was to minimize the human sufferings and help the persons in facing such problems.
On 16th of September, 2010 they gathered some other prominent persons of locality and discussed with them about their desires.
It was finalized to established a Welfare Society so that the work of helping the poor maybe done systematically and promptly.
The name finalized was “Bega Welfare Foundation”.
Aims and objects to minimize the pains of human beings regardless of color, creed, religion, boundaries etc…
Help the needy and poor students who can’t continue their education due to lake of financial facilities.
Help the students for books, fees & uniform.
Help the orphans (who’s father has died) who want to study but has no income sources.
Help the widows (who’s husband has died) who can’t educate her children or can’t feed or treat them properly.
Arrange group marriages for the poor who have no sources to marry their daughters.
Help the needy patient to buy the medicine and get the treatment to secure.
Help for re-habilitations during any disasters (earth quake, flood, accident).
Do other social welfare works as required in future.
Construct a HOSPITAL to fulfill the requirements of the locality and nearby population, Specially for free treatment of the poor and needy.
To arrange vocational training for handicaps, poor & women.
Contact other welfare foundations working for the same causes.
Attention Please: We are new comers having no experience in these fields so donations, suggestions & comments are always welcome.